Coaching & EFT Tapping

We all need support overcoming self-doubt, growing our ideas, and carving out time to create. You are more likely to achieve what you want to achieve with help. Coaching allows you the headspace to explore, gain new perspectives and build better habits.

Perhaps you dream of being a published author, professional artist or of breaking into another creative field. Maybe you already work in a creative industry, but you haven’t yet got to where you want to be, or your creative life is a struggle. Or perhaps you’re a creative person who wants help in another area of your life by speaking to a coach who gets that you think differently.

I recommend adding an EFT tapping package to any coaching package. EFT is a powerful technique which can help you release stress, negative habits and toxic thoughts that are holding you back.

Prices start from £140 for the EFT tapping package.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs, and then book a Zoom call to find out if coaching or EFT tapping is right for you.

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