Creativity Coaching Package

Creativity takes courage.

Henri Matisse

3-month and 6-month coaching packages available

Package includes:

  • 5 or 10 coaching sessions of 60 minutes (every 3 weeks)

Maybe you already work in a creative field or business, or perhaps you dream of being a published author, professional artist, or of breaking into another creative industry. When you choose coaching, you’re giving yourself permission to take yourself seriously.

Your creative journey is unique, but there are some common reasons you may not yet have achieved your creative goals. During our coaching sessions, we may focus on some of the following things.

  • Working towards a creative goal
  • Discussing progress
  • Exploring what’s holding you back
  • Time and space to think out loud – without judgement
  • Giving yourself permission to create
  • Carving out time to create
  • Exploring what you want to create, and the impact you want to have
  • Crystallising, growing and organising your ideas
  • Becoming clear on your creative identity and direction
  • Exploring what your ideal creative life might look like
  • Overcoming creative blocks
    • procrastination
    • limiting beliefs, such as, ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’ll never make money from my art’
    • perfectionism
    • fear of rejection
    • fear of failure
    • fear of making the wrong choices
    • lack of confidence / fear of sharing your work with the world
    • imposter syndrome
    • overwhelm – too much going on
    • comparison issues
    • guilt
  • Creating a plan of action – if you want one

Coaching sessions don’t include critiquing of work.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs, and then book a Zoom call to find out if coaching is right for you.

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