Finish Your Book – 8 Month Package

You do not need anybody’s permission to live a creative life.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Package includes:

  • Months 1–3: fortnightly 1 hr sessions (7 sessions) – via Zoom
  • Months 4–8: monthly 1 hr sessions (5 sessions) – via Zoom

You have a draft or partial draft of a novel, but you’re stuck. This coaching package helps you to finish writing your book and have someone to discuss your progress with throughout your journey.

You will get help untangling your story to find the golden thread, and easing the struggle in your writing life by …

  • Having protected time to think out loud and let the ideas flow – without judgement
  • Having a sounding board for your ideas
  • Having someone to feel accountable to and to cheer you on
  • Being able to discuss progress and keep motivated
  • Exploring the impact you want your book to have
  • Becoming clear about the story you want to tell, and organising and growing your ideas
  • Fleshing out your characters, and digging deeper into what your main character wants and what will stand in their way of getting it
  • Creating a plan for your book (if you want one)
  • Having help to overcome a belief that stops your progress, or creative blocks, like procrastination, fear of rejection, guilt
  • EFT tapping to clear what’s blocking you (optional)
  • Discussing your writing worries and finding solutions
  • Supporting you to carve out time to write and build a better writing life

Coaching packages don’t include reading or critiquing work.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs, and then book a Zoom call to find out if coaching is right for you.