Clare Bunting has the gift of deep listening, which is rare and precious – especially in a coaching relationship. It’s obvious that she loves people and is a powerful stand for us getting to where we want to be.

Sandra Blazynski Writer, Performer, Speaker

Clare is a very friendly and approachable professional with great communication skills and to whom you can easily connect.

She’s a person with whom I resonate and who has helped me look at my fears and limiting beliefs with new eyes.

Jenny Memo

It is an enriching experience talking to Clare as a professional coach. It differs from talking to a best friend or to a family member. Well targeted and guided questions help you to find your very own answers to your same old problems or resolve blockages or difficult situations.

It helped me to understand much better my current situation, and my tools to employ to develop my new business. Lowering expectations and praising yourself are as important as fixing your life goals. With Clare’s help I have been finally able to see my way to get to the Fireworks of my business realisation! 

Polina Pak – Creative Business Owner

Clare gave me her full attention in pursuit of resolving any challenge I presented to her which was truly invaluable. I was able to push my thinking further in a positive, enlightening and more action-oriented way. I would highly recommend working with Clare who is patient, non-judgemental and completely present in resolving whatever issue/stumbling block you might benefit from working on.


If you have the opportunity to work with Clare, or if you’re just thinking about it, JUMP. You won’t regret it. In the space of just 6 months she has helped me to move mountains, climb over, under, around – in pursuit of a dream I hardly dared believe in. I’m now making and selling, and I have my first successful exhibition behind me.

Clare is quietly a very powerful coach and an incredible listener which shows in the pertinence and power of her questions. Clare’s coaching and, half-way through, the gift of tapping, released anger I didn’t realise I was holding on to. I have faced fears and battled demons and am stronger, more confident and motivated as a result. Thanks to Clare I’m flying high and living my dream.

Amanda Benstead Artist